5629 Indian Rotor Covers

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Indian Rotor Covers 

Lets take a trip back to the ’50s with retro baby moon-styled rotor covers that are an iconic design of the era and pay homage to true Indian Motorcycle heritage. Durable stamped steel with a sleek design that hugs tight to the fender and slices through the wind in style.


  • Bolt-on installation with easy removal for front-end component service
  • Made from quality stamped steel with flawless chrome finish for an old-school appearance
  • Clean, tight appearance that hugs tight to the fender and lower forks



2014-2019 Indian Models

(Except ’18-’19 Chieftain, ’17-’19 Chieftain Limited, ’17-’18 Chieftain Elite, ’18-’19 Chieftain Dark Horse, ’18-’19 Springfield Dark Horse & Scout Models)



Indian Rotor covers