Big Shot 2 Tuner



Big Shot 2 Tuner


Improving upon the original Big Shot ™ now gives the user the ability to add or subtract fuel from the fuel injection system. Using the same load base technology as the original Big Shot ™, the Big Shot II ™ always knows how much fuel your bike needs weather you’re going uphill, downhill, cruising or even towing a trailer. Even temperature and and elevation do not affect the Big Shot II™, essentially the only time adjustment is needed is when you modify your engine. The Big Shot II™ is a plug and play system and does not require the use of a computer or dyno machine to get your bike running great.  CARB approved systems are also available for customers living in California.

  • Pull up to 10% of fuel out of the system.
  • 16 positions of adjustability.
  • Adjustable to your riding style. Ability to tell the system how much fuel to add and when.
  • 2 year warranty.
    • CARB units feature same technology, but have limited adjustability to remain within CARB standards.

CARB compliant version also available

  • 2014-2016 Indian® models.

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Weight .5 lbs