Orbit Prism+ 7″ L.E.D. Headlight with Bluetooth Controlled Multi-Color Halo


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Orbit Prism+ 7″ L.E.D. Headlight

with Bluetooth Controlled Multi-Color Halo

Powerful high-output L.E.D.’s significantly enhance the rider’s nighttime field of vision and all-around visibility. The customizable halo delivers additional “wow factor” with millions of color options plus various preset and customized display modes. Designed to seamlessly integrate into our Prism+ Accent Lighting System that offers a variety of ways to turn your ride into a rolling canvas of light—all controlled by your phone via Bluetooth.

Raw lumen output: 2,600 (High Beam); 1,350 (Low Beam)
Effective lumen output: 1,600 (High Beam); 1000 (Low Beam)
Low-beam current draw: 1.5 amps
High-beam current draw: 3.0 amps
Halo light current draw: 417 mA (48 L.E.D.’s)
Color temperature: 6,000K
Uses standard H4, 3-blade connector for installation
Includes Prism+ Bluetooth controller featuring four zones for max coverage and variety (two front, two rear, compatible with all Android or iOS phones devices
Controller max L.E.D. capacity is 250, with no zone to exceed 100 total L.E.D.’s (Orbit Prism+ 7″ halo = 48 L.E.D.’s)
Uniform light distribution and greater temperature stability
Durable IP67-rated aluminum housing, with UV-protected scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens
Exceeds applicable DOT and Transport Canada requirements
14-later Electra Glides, Road Kings, Street Glides & Trikes require Wiring Adapter, sold separately
Free downloadable app compatible with all Android or iOS devices
Ride Mode: Designates front zones as static amber, rear zones as static red
Rage Mode: Lights quickly cycle through colors in unison
Chase Mode: Lights “chase” across each zone, changing colors progressively
Chill Mode: Lights slowly change color in unison
Custom Mode: create personalized display modes and color sequences
Device microphone recognition for music syncing capability
Camera recognition for convenient photo color referencing
Battery voltage monitor and auto shut-off prevent over-consumption

  • Indian Chief 2018
  • Indian Chief Classic 2014-2017
  • Indian Chief Dark Horse 2016-2017
  • Indian Chief Vintage 2014-2017
  • Indian Chieftain 2014-2017
  • Indian Chieftain Classic 2018
  • Indian Chieftain Dark Horse 2016-2017
  • Indian Chieftain Elite 2017
  • Indian Chieftain Limited 2017-2018
  • Indian Road Master Classic 2017
  • Indian Roadmaster 2015-2017
  • Indian Roadmaster Elite 2018
  • Indian Springfield 2016-2017
  • Indian Springfield Darkhorse 2018

Indian: ’14-’19 Indian Models (except Scout Models). Requires Orbit Headlight Adapter P/N 2469, Sold Separately

Orbit Prism+ 7″ L.E.D. Headlight with Bluetooth Controlled Multi-Color Halo