Quick Release Saddlebag Bracket Indian Chief 2021 – 2022


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Quick Release Saddlebag Bracket Indian Chief 2021 – 2022


Quick Release Saddlebag Bracket Indian Chief 2021 - 2022Easy Brackets are an innovative two (2) point docking system that allows the quick and easy installation and removal of saddlebags. Easy Brackets use two (2) existing bolts holes in the fender rail of the motorcycle. By replacing the existing bolts with the docking posts and longer bolts provided in each kit, the Easy Brackets can then be instantly installed and locked into place. Because we make our Easy Brackets specifically for your Indian motorcycle model, you will receive all of the correct hardware with your order. The docking posts and bolts are especially designed to work perfectly with your Indian motorcycle, eliminating the hassles of adding spacing washers to either line up the docking posts or to achieve a good, tight fit.


Note: All Docking Post up until now have been a Stainless Steel Color but by popular demand Black docking posts are available as special order. Please allow an additional 5 business days for shipping.The Coating is costing $35.00 if ordered with the kit,

The docking posts attach to the two mounting holes in the fender rail. Fits 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 and up Indian Chief Motorcycle
Easy Brackets are a quick release detachable saddlebag system that allows you to attach or take off your saddlebags in a matter of seconds.

Fits 2004 and earlier Indian Chief or 2014 and later Indian Chief Classic or Chief Dark Horse

Standard Stainless Docking Post

Fits 2004 and earlier Indian Chief or 2014 and later Indian Chief Classic or Chief Dark Horse.

Custom Black Docking Post a $35.00 Option

Indian Motorcycle removable motorcycle saddlebags system, perfect for installing and removing saddlebags in seconds. They provide safety and security with models for most US and import cruisers.  They are easy to install. They do not require the use of saddlebag support brackets. All metal construction with black powder coating for strength and durability. All hardware for mounting provided. Please note, when you purchase 1 set of Easy Brackets the kit includes both the left and right side brackets and all required mounting hardware.

The Easy Bracket Saddlebag Bolt-on Support Systems allows you to attach your Indian Motorcycle saddlebags safely and securely. When installed, simply unlock and lift the saddlebags off your motorcycle. The seamless design leaves no ugly hardware behind.

  • Replace your normal  Indian Motorcycle fender rail bolts with our special Easy Bracket docking posts. (All Necessary Hardware Provided)
  • Secure the Easy Bracket mounting plate to the back of your saddlebag.(All Necessary Hardware Provided)
  • Place the saddlebags/mounting plate system onto the docking posts. An easy keyed locking mechanism makes sure that the saddlebags are secure to your Indian Motorcycle yet leave only small docking posts when the bags are removed.
  • Same designer but now upgraded as the Ghost Bracket Quick release saddlebag removable bracket system

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Quick Release Saddlebag Bracket Indian Chief 2021 – 2022

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