Oil / Oil Filters

Our dedicated team of engineers carefully select genuine Polaris engine oil filters to perfectly compliment your Polaris engine. These filters effectively trap harmful contaminants like dirt, debris, and metal particles. Polaris oil filters safeguard your vehicle’s engine, enhancing its longevity and preserving its power output.

To further enhance engine protection, our filters feature an Anti-Drain Back Valve that guards against oil leaks and dry starts, maintaining oil pressure even during engine downtime. The inclusion of a Bypass Valve ensures uninterrupted oil flow, preventing engine damage in case the filter becomes clogged by allowing unfiltered oil to circulate.

Our Polaris oil filters are constructed using high-strength materials such as metal, rubber, and filter paper for durability. Their high filtration accuracy effectively removes impurities from engine oil, safeguarding your engine’s performance and longevity.

It’s imperative to prioritize engine protection to ensure the long-lasting performance of your vehicle. With Polaris parts designed to seamlessly integrate with your vehicle, you can trust that our oil filters are the perfect match for your ride.

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