Klotz Octane Booster

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Pretty amazing product, Octane booster/ fuel stabilizer/ and works to keep moisture from separating in fuel causing corrosion in tanks



  • For use in all 2/4-Stroke gasoline
  • Raises MON octane rating up to 10 numbers
  • Improves throttle response and acceleration
  • Prevents pinging and spark knock
  • Stabilizes oxygenated and ethanol enriched gasoline
  • Absorbs moisture in fuel system
  • Preserves gasoline up to 16 months
  • Eliminates gum and varnish build-up
  • Catalytic converter safe
  • O2 sensor safe
  • Lead substitute
  • Fuel injector cleaner
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Sold Each
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