Thunder Stroke High Performance Air Cleaner




Thunder Stroke High Performance Air Cleaner

The key to making power with any engine is to ensure you have abundant air and fuel flow into and out of the combustion chamber. Swapping out your stock air cleaner for this thunder stroke high performance air cleaner is a great way to do just that. By increasing airflow into the combustion chamber, the big V-Twin can create more power, boost performance and improve acceleration. Not only does the air cleaner perform on the power side of the equation, it also scores points in style and function. The muscle car-inspired open-element design looks bold in either chrome or black finish, and the 1” narrow design gives riders more legroom on the left side of the bike. The air filter element is also removable and washable to ensure consistent performance. Adding the final bit of style is the icon with Indian script logo embossed across the face of the cleaner.

    2023 Super Chief Limited Icon
    2023 Sport Chief
    2022-2023, 2018, 2016 Chief
    2022-2023, 2017-2019 Chief Dark Horse
    2022-2023 Super Chief Limited
    2022-2023 Super Chief
    2022-2023 Chieftain Dark Horse Icon
    2022-2023 Chief Bobber Dark Horse
    2022-2023 Chief Bobber
    2021-2023 Roadmaster Limited
    2021-2023 Indian Springfield Dark Horse
    2021-2023 Indian Springfield
    2021 Vintage Dark Horse
    2020-2023, 2017-2018 Chieftain Elite
    2020-2023 Roadmaster Dark Horse
    2020-2021 Indian Vintage
    2020, 2018 Roadmaster Elite
    2020 Indian Chief Dark Horse
    2018-2020 Springfield Dark Horse
    2018-2020 Chieftain Classic
    2017-2023 Chieftain Limited
    2017-2018 Roadmaster Classic
    2016-2023 Chieftain Dark Horse
    2016-2020 Springfield
    2015-2023 Roadmaster
    2014-2023 Chieftain
    2014-2019 Chief Vintage
    2014-2018 Chief Classic


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Thunder Stroke High Performance Air Cleaner

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