Gerbing Single 7v Lithium Battery


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Gerbing Single 7v Lithium Battery

Indian Only Motorcycle is your number one source for Gerbing Heated Clothing Line and Gear.

This new style Gerbing 7 Volt rechargeable battery is compatible with all generations of Gerbing heated gloves, vests, jackets and socks.

Battery Specifications:

Capacity 2.6Ah (2600mAh) Weight 4 oz. Voltage 7V LED Feedback Size 2″ x 3″ x .75″ Turn it On: When the battery is plugged into a Gerbing Core Heat 7 product, push and hold the “POWER” button.

To Change Temperature: Push and hold the “POWER” button to charge the power level. The battery’s light will display the battery’s current power level from 25% to 100%. The power level push-button indicator can only be activated when connected to a product.

To Check Remaining Power: Fully unplug from the product. Push and hold the “POWER” button. The LED lights will indicate how much power is left on the battery.

Approximate Battery Run Time/Heat Output:
High 100%: 135 F, 2 Hours Mid/High 75%: 115 F, 3 Hours Mid/Low 50%: 105 F, 5 Hours Low 25%: 85 F, 8 Hours

Battery Powered and warm.

Stay warm while riding.

Single 7v Lithium Battery.

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